JAKA has long adhered to the product R&I and innovation strategy. In order to further improve the enterprise’s scientific and technological innovation and R&I ability, JAKA moved to Zizhu Park, Minhang District, Shanghai in 2019, carefully designed and established the “R&I and innovation center”. At present, the investment in fixed assets has accumulated in tens of millions, and has built an international high-quality [innovation, research and evaluation] integrated platform with independent R&I ability, Driven by the concept of technological development of “continuous innovation and scientific and technological empowerment”.
At the same time, JAKA pays attention to talent training and development. The laboratory is equipped with full-time management and R&I personnel. The core teams are all with doctor’s and master’s degrees, specializing in R&I work such as basic research, product development and product evaluation. It has three departments:

  • Chemical Department

    Responsible for the process research and development, production docking, quality control standard formulation and raw material application performance research and investigation.
  • Department of Biology

    Be responsible for combing the frontier targets and mechanisms of life sciences, establishing efficacy and safety evaluation models, and comprehensively evaluating raw materials.
  • Regulation Department

    Be responsible for supervising the risks in the development of raw materials and managing the layout of intellectual property rights.

core technology

  • Tissue Culture

  • Microecology

  • Fermentation

  • 3D skin

  • Skin Receptors

  • Synthetic Biology


  • 7,600+


    Herbs (Chinese Indigenous Plants)

  • 57,000+


    Natural pharmaceutical molecules
    (with different activities)

  • 10+


    Cells Bank

  • 86+


    Patent applications
    (39 articles authorized)

  • 80+


    Evaluation Methond

  • 22+


    Team standards