Job application

Efficacy Researcher

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Be responsible for sorting out the biological mechanism of product development in different sectors, and designing the experimental scheme of product efficacy test according to different needs, including in vitro experiment (cell-based) and human clinical experiment;

2. Establish and optimize the corresponding efficacy test scheme, ensure the stability and repeatability of the method, and output SOP;

3. Complete the testing of various efficacy indicators in the new product development stage, provide analysis results and assist in new product development;

4. Provide technical support for efficacy evaluation;

5. Participate in the collection, sorting, analysis, summary and transformation of relevant technical information in the industry, and assist the Department Manager to formulate the direction of technological innovation.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, major in cell biology, molecular biology, pharmacology, biochemistry and other related majors, with at least one year of working experience in cell experimental screening;

2. Familiar with the commonly used models and methods for evaluating the efficacy of screening and validation of cosmetic raw materials or new drugs, and can effectively build an activity screening platform;

3. Understand the general models and methods of human skin clinical testing, and be able to carry out corresponding research work;

4. Be able to independently carry out the research on the efficacy evaluation of raw materials or products, and actively find and solve relevant problems in the research;

5. Good English reading and writing skills;

6. Have certain project direction control and good communication and cooperation skills.

Process Researcher

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Responsible for the development of plant extraction technology, and the use of plant extraction technology to develop cosmetic efficacy materials;

2. Participate in the establishment of quality control methods for plant extracts;

3. Responsible for the development of pilot and pilot production process of new products, assist in production transformation, and compile relevant product materials and documents of new products;

4. Responsible for product stability investigation;

5. Laboratory maintenance and other work assigned by superior.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in natural product chemistry, Traditional Chinese medicine, phytochemistry, etc., with more than one year working experience in plant medicine separation and purification, process development;

2. Familiar with various modern extraction and separation technologies, such as the use of various resin fillers, decolorization, membrane separation and other technological means;

3. Good command of Word, PPT and other office software;

4. Careful work, good communication skills;

5. Familiar with cosmetic efficacy of raw materials developers is preferred.

Product Specialist (Content Post)

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:
1. Responsible for making product promotion plans according to the internal business needs of the company or the needs of users in the market;  

2. Establish product database, manage all kinds of product information, update it in time, and make documents according to customer needs;  

3. Responsible for collecting frontier scientific literature and conducting internal transformation.  

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, advertisement design or related;  

2. Good English reading ability;  

3. Proficient in office software and PPT making;  

4. Have some biological background is preferred;  

5. Knowledge of cosmetics industry and formula is preferred. 

Product Specialist (Activity Post)

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Responsible for the external promotion of the company's products, including daily visitors and conference speeches;

2. Responsible for internal product training and sales training products and other sales tools;

3. Do customer analysis and answer customer questions about various product problems.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in biology, chemistry or related;

2. Good presentation skills;

3. Have a certain understanding and understanding of cosmetics industry;

4. Knowledge of skin physiology is preferred.

Design specialist

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Daily contact with the company's internal visual design requirements, maintain the overall BRAND VI image, visual style and other design, including activity materials, posters, product packaging, graphic effects, etc., responsible for the design of reasonable layout and aesthetic degree;

2. Responsible for various graphic design of the company's product promotion, including but not limited to product shooting, formula poster, label design, etc.;

3. Create communication posters in line with the tone of the company according to the industry, social hot topics, holidays, etc.

4. Responsible for the design and production of offline activity materials, and the design and production of offline activity display and publicity materials: product owner KV, booth, sample publicity, background board, etc

5. Assisted the company in graphic design of new media content, such as color, pictures and typesetting;

6. Responsible for all kinds of graphic design for brand promotion, including but not limited to company brochure, brand peripheral, IP application design, etc.

Job requirements:

1. At least 2 years working experience in design and visual communication, graphic design, animation, industrial design, etc.

2. Proficient in PS, AI, CorelDraw, Indesign and other design software, familiar with PPT design and beautification, 3D, PR,AE is better;

3. Able to express requirements and design concepts clearly and accurately, have the aesthetic ability of international works and complete assignments and reports on time with high quality;  Deep understanding of brand communication visual design and ability to insight, creativity, communication and execution;

4. Good aesthetic, creative and understanding ability, able to design independently;

5. Good design professional quality and team spirit, practical and serious work, strong sense of responsibility.

Marketing Information Specialist

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Collect industry and competitive product information regularly and output it in the form of market brief;

2. Real-time grasp of brand trends at home and abroad, and produce regular reports;

3. Establish "information resource database", and organize thematic programs according to market dynamics and customer demands;

4. Responsible for the content operation of the official account;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Fresh university graduate, major in biology, chemistry or cosmetics is preferred;

2. Interested in cosmetics industry, regular daily attention and understanding of domestic and foreign cosmetics brands is preferred;

3. Strong thinking ability, good data statistics and analysis ability;

4. Have certain text writing skills and good aesthetic level;

5. Proficient in PPT, Word, Excel and other office software;

6. Optimistic, positive, aggressive, and good communication skills.

Sales Engineer

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1. Familiar with corporate culture, products and sales scope of the company;

2. Visit customers actively, show the company's professional image, and improve customer service quality;

3. Explore the cooperation potential of new and old customers;

4. Submit customer visit report on time and make sales work summary regularly.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2, cheerful and stable personality, honest, diligent, positive;  Team spirit, strong sense of responsibility and initiative;

3. Strong customer relationship maintenance ability, keen insight into the market and customers, able to independently maintain and develop customers;

4. Willing to accept challenges and adapt to business trips;

5. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

Salary: basic salary + commission

Regional Marketing Manager

Responsibilities of efficacy researcher:

1.  Define potential target clients and distributors in alignment with annual marketing strategy;

2. Propose and implement channel strategy to achieve growing commercial targets;

3. Support distributors in terms of technical information constantly to grow business;

4. Collect cosmetic industry information as related to trends, new technologies, marketing and competition, organize analysis reports and update on a regular basis;

5. Accomplish other tasks assigned related to marketing activities.

Job requirements:

1.  Specialize in English, Biological Sciences or related majors and any working experience in cosmetic industry is preferred;

2. Knowledge of chemicals and biology;

3. Strong communicating and negotiating skills;

4. Spirit of teamwork is a must;

5. Good ability of learning and observation;

6. Acceptance of other tasks assigned