Gmoist ASG

Gmoist ASG

Short Description:

Gmoist ASG is polysaccharides existed in cytoderm of oat’s endosperm and aleurone layer cell. It is endowed with unique linear molecule structure, which means that it has good percutaneous absorption ability; it maintains skin moisture, and also exhibits perfect anti-aging effect, so Gmoist ASG can remove fine lines, enhance skin elasticity and optimize skin texture.

Product Detail


Water, Glycerin, Beta-Glucan, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Note:The Beta-Glucan is extracted from Avena sativa

Features and Benefits

Increases water content in Stratum Corneum, long-lastingly moisturizes skin;

Improves immunity of skin cells, resists inflammation and irritation.

Recommended use level

1.0 - 10.0%.

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