Immedeline PG-GL

Immedeline PG-GL

Short Description:

Immedeline PG is a natural biopolymer that can bring instant tightening and lifting effect to skin. The core component is Prunus persica (Peach) resin from the Yulong Snow Mountain (also called the “Holy Mountain” in Yunnan Province). Immedeline PG brings skin visible tightening and lifting effect: tightening can be felt in 5 minutes and obvious wrinkles reduction could be observed in 10 minutes.

Product Detail


Water, Prunus persica gum, 1,2-Hexanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Features and benefits

Tightening and lifting: Immedeline PG can form three-dimensional film on skin, it brings skin instant tightening and lifting feeling.

Anti-wrinkle: The three-dimensional film formed by Immedeline PG can effectively make wrinkles invisibl

Recommended use level

2.0 - 5.0%

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